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Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi

I started this 3 hours ago....

Sat Apr 11, 2015, 12:52 PM
  • Mood: Yearning
Tagginated by :iconavirextin:

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that". 
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 thanks...
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10) You have the choice to make a journal entry! Comments if you prefer

Facts about me:
1. I've got an amazing girlfriend and we've been going strong for the past 5.5 months. c:
2. I started working at Shaw's back in early February so I'm makin moneys. :D
3. Been slacking with art work....but haven't given up on it yet.
4. I have plans to become a graphic designer/digital artist after getting a bachelor's degree.
5. ^also probably gonna start college this fall.
6. Currently in the process of losing weight and trying to get in shape... ^^;
7. Just got my driver's license last friday!!! ;)
8. Music is one of the biggest influences on me today... It always has been, and really sparks my creative mind when I'm attempting to draw something.
9. I like to masuda method for shinies/ iv breed/ ev train pokemon in my spare time. Kinda a thing between "us"....<3
10. My life has improved quite a bit lately. ^^

 Fish's ten questions:
1. If you were directing an animated film, would you rather work on a 3-d animated film that'd generate more interest, but be more expensive or a 2-d film that'd generate less interest but be more cost effective. It'd also take longer. 
-I'd much rather work on the 2-d film. If I was given the same budget as the 3-d one, I could easily put a lot more work into the animation and possibly gain more of an audience from how much I was given. Simplicity isn't always a bad thing.
2. Would you rather be able to sing very well or play an instrument very well?
-I'd rather play an instrument. I like the idea of singing well... but....all in all, I see myself playing an instrument way more than singing.
3. So you write a book and you're very proud of it. The publisher you send it to is willing to pay you a ridiculous amount of money to buy the rights to your book, where they'll be able to change anything about it. You can take the offer and make a lump sum of cash that can help with future projects or you can stand by your original work and get it published elsewhere. What would you do?
-Publish it elsewhere. I'd rather make money at a slower rate and still be able to keep the rights to the stuff I made. I don't expect to start making millions just from my first book, after all.
4. Would you rather learn how to fight or how to use any firearm?
-Both. If there's a serious situation where my family/loved ones or I is being attacked and have no options of self defense, I'd do as much as possible to defend them/myself. I'd actual love to eventually relearn martial arts though.
5. Do you think it's more fun to cook food or bake pastries?
-I....can't really say. I'd like to say cook food because you can combine so many different flavors into one dish. Whereas pastries tend to be sweeter... Its a tough call. Its probably bake. Because you can be more decorative and artistic with baking.
6. What's the oldest school project you can remember? What did it entail and how'd you do on it?
-Oldest school project huh?.... Well.... I remember in 5th grade, we were studying invertebrates and vertebrates.
The invertebrate one came first, but you basically had to create a model of one that you personally designed. I can't remember what it was called... but it had a cone-like cylinder shape with tentacles and stuff. My mom helped design and build its habitat. Pretty sure I got an 80 on it.
7. What school year was your favorite and why?
-This is a toughy. Well....middle school was hell....but at the same time, it was actually Mm...sophomore year in high school was FULL of shenanigans... I really can't say.
8. Which school year did you think sucked the most?
-Freshman/junior year in high school. Junior year in shop sucked so badly....and freshman year was just a "get your shit together" stage/transition to becoming a better student. Since I messed around with not doing homework in late middle school, it kinda bit me in the ass when I tried doing it in the start of high school,.
9. If you lost your ability to perceive color correctly, and could only see various shades of one color, what color would you not mind seeing forever? 
-All colors are beautiful. If gray was a color though, I don't think I'd miss it very much. I like variation in color...and gray is such a medium tone, it just feels like a highlighted black or a shaded white. Its only good for transition. Nothing else really.
I was going to say brown, but I like earth colors.
10. Why do you take these quizzes, and how long does it usually take ya?
-Well I like taking them. I like being asked things about myself.
Usually hour or more... I like to think about things while I do them. Plus questions are hard to think yeah.

My questions for YOU O_O:

1. If you could easily shape yourself to fit your perfect self image (physically or mentally), do you really think you'd be happy?
2. What is your dream profession and what are you going to do to try to make it come true?
3. What style of art do you like to see from me/any of the people you watch?
4. If you had the opportunity to experience what its like to be the opposite sex for a month, would you go through with it?
5. Would you rather be with the kind of person who eats badly and barely has to do anything to remain incredibly fit, or be with someone out of shape/overweight who's been trying to get fit but can't?
6. What inspires you the most as an artist?
7. If love was a type of food, what would it taste like to you?
8. Do you prefer warm, cool, or earth tones in a piece of artwork?
9. What do you think people point out at you the most about? It can be good or bad.
10. Are these meme things more of a burden or an exercise for you when you're tagged?

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